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Uncle Steve’s Park and Cabins was founded in 2000 by owner/ operator Stephen Chisholm. It was always a dream of his to own a Tourist Resort and after viewing a few possibilities, he decided that the former Camp Bragmore was the place he had been waiting for. This was a brave undertaking for Stephen, who was 23 at the time.


The first thing he did was to change the name. At the time, his oldest nephew Cole was crazy about his Uncle Steve, so the parks new alias seemed the perfect fit.Over the years, a lot has changed. The park has grown from a mere 13 seasonal campers to over 45. 6 new cabins have been built to replace the aging ones, and the remaining 3 were extensively renovated. 2 older cabins were torn down. A new shower house, pump house, residence, store, docks, and garbage shed were constructed. Stephen quickly learned that the work of a tourist operator is never done. 


Ironically, Stephen and Becky met when she brought her Volkswagon Beetle to a Classic Car event hosted by Uncle Steve himself. Over the past 13 years, Becky has taken over many of the office, cleaning, and marketing responsibilities. This has freed up more time for Stephen to focus on outdoor tasks such as landscaping and construction.


In 2011 Stephen and Becky welcomed their daughter Samantha. She has quickly adapted to life around the park and has even began taking on small jobs such as opening the garbage shed, delivering firewood, assisting customers, and even working the till.


Peaches the cat joined our family in Fall 2010. She appeared on the doorstep of the office as a wild little kitten and still prefers to spend most of her time outside during the summer months. Margo joined the Chisholm clan in fall of 2020. She sounds scary, but she is really just a scared little soul who will warm up with treats and time. 


Stephen and Becky were engaged in August 2014 and married in March 2016. Together  Stephen, Becky & Samantha make up the Uncle Steve's team and are dedicated to giving you a holiday to remember. 

Aside from work at the camp, Stephen tinkers at odd jobs in the garage, plows driveways and seems to be constantly tackling a renovation project. Prior to covid, Becky worked as a teacher/ educational assistant, but opted to clean houses part time startring fall 2021 due to flexability it offers in the world of school closures and covid exposures. It is also a more practical option during the summer months. 

Stephen and Becky, and Samantha enjoy spending time in the outdoors. An avid vintage snowmobile collector, Stephen spends a great deal of the winter working on and driving his snowmobiles. Samantha has inherited her dad’s love of skidoos and already has started a little collection of her own.

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