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How are we keeping you safe ? 

Here at Uncle Steve’s Park & Cabins, safety is our number one concern. As with every business, Covid-19 has affected us tremendously in terms of the services we offer. Below are some changes we have made tro keep everyone safe

1. We are no longer able to have you enter the store or office. We currently have a chain across the store front and will conduct required business from the porch. The store is very small and not conducive to Covid safety regulations. We do offer firewood and worms as in past years, but no convenience items are available. We ask that you make note of our phone numbers, which are also posted on the store front, and contact us using this method for any questions, or to have items, such as firewood or worms delivered to your cabin. Somebody is always around and we are eager to assist you. When you approach the porch you will be required to wear a mask and sanitize your hands. 

2. The protocols to safely handle and launder bedding and pillows make it impossible to offer these items. We are also unable to supply toilet paper due to our inability to purchase it in the large quantities we require at a reasonable price. 

When you arrive at your cabin, you will find your beds covered with a freshly laundered mattress cover and sheet. Bleach is used in the laundering process. Should you forget an item, we will try our best to accommodate; just ask. 

3.Cleaning procedures have changed drastically due to COVID, which can affect your check in time. In an effort to get you into your cabin quicker, we have attempted to stagger cabin bookings so that all cabins do not check out on the same day. We document planned arrival times so that we can plan our order of cleaning accordingly. Despite all our efforts, check ins can be as late as 6pm. You can text or email the day before and we can give an idea of when your cabin will be available. Should you arrive early, you are welcome to explore the park, but under no circumstance can you enter your cabin. This would mean that you are a) exposing yourself to the previous occupants germs and b) putting Becky at risk. 

4.Social distancing is required at all areas of the park. 

5.Our garbage shed is not open at all times as in previous years. For the safety of everyone, we have designated 2 hours a week during which we will monitor the garbage area. If you have fish guts, simply call or text and we will open the garbage shed. Masks must be worn in this area.

6.We are unable to open our shower house. This is for your safety as well as ours. It simply would be impossible to keep everything sanitized.

7. We are unable to host events such as Christmas in July, Halloween in the Park, Canada Day Fireworks, The Fishing Derby and our much loved potlucks. This definitely puts a damper on the Uncle Steve’s community spirit, but is necessary for everyone's safety. In 2020, seasonal campers decorated for events as they would have in past years. 

8. Boats, canoes, and kayaks  will only be available for guests of Uncle Steve's Park & Cabins. 

9. Canoes and kayaks will only be available by the half day or day; no more hourly rentals. Again, this is due to the sanitizing required. 

10. Climbers will remain closed.

Thank you for doing your part to keep everyone safe. 

We will update these policies closer to our opening date for 2022, when up to date information is available from the local health unit. 

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